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"Sanford was a fabulous evaluator. If one were to think about all of the strengths a good Evaluator/Mediator should have, Sanford has all of them. I cannot speak more highly of his work."


“Thank you for getting this resolved. Even when it looked impossible you didn’t give up. It is much appreciated!"


“Sanford Kingsley is an excellent mediator, and makes strong efforts to persevere to reach a settlement even in the face of all parties proving obstinate or unwilling to see clearly the weaknesses of their own case and the strengths of the other side."


"It was truly a pleasure to have worked with you. Prior to our mediation, I had serious doubts that the dispute between the Irresistible Force and the Immovable Object could ever be resolved outside of a contested hearing. But you did it. I believe the secret to your success is that you showed incredible empathy to both parties and they felt it. So they trusted your recommendation and that helped us break the impasse. Thank you again. If I ever need a mediator in the future, I will be sure to contact you."


“Thank you for an excellent mediation. It was very useful and what we had originally thought was a case that could not be settled ended up with a positive outcome.  In this case, I truly feel that we were able to reach a ‘win-win’ situation.”


"I believe there are people who cross your path for a reason. You may never remember me, but I wanted to quickly write to you and say thank you for mediating my case in San Francisco, when I thought it was impossible to do so. You are, in my eyes, a genuine negotiator with special human powers. Not many people in this world can do what you do, and I can attest to this as I've been through several mediators. I'm very grateful to the universe for choosing you to mediate my case."


"Thank you very much for mediating this case on Monday. We were truly impressed with your skill at mediating the action and are equally grateful for your thoughtfulness, particularly with respect to how difficult this matter has been for [our client] and his family. We are...very pleased to have resolved it. Thank you, again!"


"Thank you. I really wasn’t expecting this case to settle. You’re a terrific mediator. Top notch in every respect."









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